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Nick recently launched a class on next to award winning songwriters and artists such as to Ryan Tedder and Charlie Puth.

In this class, Nick teaches you everything he knows about composing and producing guitar parts for pop music.


During class, Nick brings you into his studio and shares with you his entire creative process from start to finish. You'll follow along with Nick as he composes and produces guitars on multiple pop tracks starting from how he prepares the tracks for recording, writing new guitar parts, designing his own guitar sounds, all the way through to mixing and exporting the final stems.


Along the way, Nick explains everything that he's doing and thinking in detail - every idea, decision, tool and technique. There's nowhere else you can get this level of intimate access to Nick Tsang's brain and process.


By the end of the class, you’ll know everything you need to develop your own creative approach to compose and produce stand out guitar parts for your own music or your clients.


The class is available here:

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